Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've been lucky the last few months...

...and have won some really great giveaways! So I decided to do a post to show the lovely things I've won recently.

I won this cute cupcake ring and earring set from Ali of The Lovely Teaspoon. She has some of the most unique and fun jewelry around. Give her shop a peek!

I won this great pink hippo lampwork bead from my great blog and twitter friend Lauren of Maybeads. She had a giveaway on her blog and I was fortunate enough to win. I wish my pictures were better so you could really see how adorable she is!

She even made me a special bead of my dog Carmelita! See how adorable these two are together? I highly recommend you checking out her shop.

I recently won this cute little babushka doll & stocking made by Rosey from Itty-bity and Pretty and I can't sew creations. Isn't her face adorable? And I got some great candy too all the way from Australia!

I won this great Robot dancing with a tree art 5" x 7" titled "Unlikely Lovers" from Raw Toast Design. Jessie is an amazing illustrator and has a giveaway once a month on his blog You can see more of his wonderful illustrations on his blog too!

If you know anything about me then you know I have a crazy passion for robots and was so pleased to able to pick this great print from a very large selection of awesome illustrations.

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Lauren said...

Have you played the Lotto recently? I bet you'd win! Congrats on collecting all those goodies! The cupcake ring and earrings are adorable! I think you give off good vibes and the giveaway karma just came back around. :)


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