Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Items in My Etsy Shop & Ebay Store

Herman the Penguin wears his heart on the outside to advertise that he's looking for love. This is one of a couple of critter flat notes that I hope to get in my etsy shop for Valentine's day. I'm also working on some cute kawaii moniji designs.

The ever popular Talking Hearts design is back in my Ebay store. Gift and favor stickers are up in this design too. A brand new for Valentine's Day cupcake design will be listed soon.

It has been a bit difficult doing 2 different types of stationery designs and doll making. I've been jumping from one thing to the other and making myself slightly wacky! I suppose that organizing is the key so I'll have to work on that! I just feel a bit scrambled at the moment like a juggler who keeps getting more balls thrown at him.


oldblackcatboo said...

I know what you mean! I'm always juggling a million things! I plan on opening my Etsy shop in January and I hope to have some Valentines made soon!
Love yours!

MAB Jewelry said...

Wacky is working for you. These are darling. I'll have to take a peek at your ebay store.

4smartmonkeys said...

I also know exactly what you mean...1000's of things going on at once.
I love your stuff...and after winning some of it...I love it even more.
I blogged about what I won on
Thanks and have a wonderful New Year!!!


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