Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Try At A Soft Sculpture Piece

St. Patrick's Day is my birthday and we recently discovered some
previously unknown cousins who informed us that our British side
of the family was really Irish so I did a little sketch of an
Irish bear intending on making something cute to honor my
birthday and new found heritage. 

I've never done a soft sculpture before and really didn't
think I was up to the challenge but I had been sewing prototypes
of bears for a while with the intention of doing something like this.

So one day on a whim I just sat down and did it.

He's not entirely finished yet and I'm still working out stability
issues (see the slight tilty lean) but I think I did
suprising well for the first time.

His vest and hat were made completely without a pattern.
He has a female friend that I haven't made yet.

My mom (of course) loved it and has commissioned me
to make one for her friend. I feel kind of weird about it
though since I'm not even finished with this one, and
until I finish I can't begin to think of starting another one.

Anyhoo, what do you all think about this?
I'd love to hear your comments.


oldblackcatboo said...

First off, I LOVE your new header!
and WOW! I can NOT believe this is your FIRST soft sculpture piece! WELLDONE!
I know what you mean about the "pressure" of creating another's like you need time to let all your creativity to sink into your current piece before turning your mind to the next one!
**********LOVE IT!**************

BadCat said...

For a first try you did a brilliant job! he is quite a handsome fellow. He just needs a Guinness (so do I).

Laurie said...

It is awesome! How cool to rediscover your heritage, too! Now you can really celebrate St. Pat's day!

MAB Jewelry said...

I think he's a jaunty and fantastic little fellow! Nicely done.

Erica Lea said...

I think you're going to be making many more soft sculptures:-) Great job!

Wendy Wright said...

I agree with Erica, I think you are going to be making many more soft sculptures. He is adorable! Well Done Sassy! :)


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