Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Mishmash

This is a major arthrits weekend so I haven't done any hand sewing.
But I have been working on some other projects.

Soft dolls in progress.

The whole purpose of my etsy shop was to do some fun things with
my stationery graphics. Different things than I could do anywhere
else. But the lovely CPSIA has destroyed my dream of
having a line of dolls for children based on my designs.
So I'm working on some ideas for older children and
plushies and softies for adults.

Not sure how it will all work out but I'm having a lot of
fun working on them.

This is how Lita and Binks spend time in my studio,
under my desk and in the sun.

Had to show you a quick peek at my new felt table. It fits perfectly here.
It's really my mom's and I borrowed it but once she saw what I
was doing she just gave it to me. Yay for moms! 
The shelves on top were the ones I snatched out of my neighbors
garbage. Nothings wrong with them and they are perfect for
displaying and storing my felt creatures.

Below the table I have my pull out drawers full of felt. The one
on the left I pulled out of the same neighbors' garbage the
year before. My sewing machine will share this table too
once I pull it out of storage.


MySassyGlass said...

Gotta love moms!

oldblackcatboo said...

Gotta love those neighbors! LOL!

Kaerie Faerie said...

wish I could steal stuff from my Mom but she lives too far away, I love your work-space and your pets hangin out. I hear you about arthur-itis
I scare him off with magnet wrist bands, works great!!!
your fairy friend

Teresa said...

Hi Sassy! I've just come over to visit your blog and let you know that you're the big winner in my give-away! CONGRATULATIONS! Pop over to my Etsy shop, browse around, and then let me know what you would like me to send you. I'll need your mailing address as well!

Thanks so much for participating and have a great day!

Marigold Manor

MAB Jewelry said...

I love your studio. It's so cozy there. And I have a lamp that I fished out of my dumpster when someone tossed it out. It's a great lamp!


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