Monday, March 8, 2010

My Studio Has A New Resident.

This new resident comes all the way from Jolly Old England
and has been long awaited. I've been wanting one of
these meerkats for some time and found out the the
artist does custom orders so I ordered one as
a special birthday present to myself.

This wonderful custom meerkat was created by Heather
of niftyknits on etsy

She was amazing to work with on this very custom and
special meerkat. We convo'd back and forth until she
knew what I wanted and I was so happy to see the
finished meerkat and could hardly wait until his arrival.

Now that he's safely on American soil I think it's safe
to say that this is a CUSTOM Doctor Who Tom Baker
meerkat. Tom played the role of Dr. Who for 7 years
during the mid 1970's to the early 1980's and was my first
taste of Dr. Who. Although I adore David Tennant's Dr.,
Tom Baker has a very special place in my little sci-fi heart.

The 4th Doctor had this crazy long, wrap around several
times scarf. A big overcoat and brown floppy hat. The hat
would get lost as he set it down frequently and would forget
where it was. He also carried pockets full of weird things
and would offer people "jelly babies" all the time. I've
never been quite sure what those were but I guess they
are what we in the US call jelly beans.

I love that his coat and scarf come off. His hat doesn't but with his
history of losing it, it's better off attached to his head. 

Sorry about this long and rambling post but I just had to share my
joy with you all! Hope you don't mind too much!


niftyknits said...

LOL I recognise that little chap! I should have explained jelly babies - in fact if the customs laws weren't so strict I could have sent you some! They'r softer than jelly beans, no hard shell, and baby shaped! Nasty boys bite their heads off. Look at the last pic in Cutedesigns listing here:

Cass said...

Too cute! :)

carylsrealm said...


oldblackcatboo said...

So Adorable! I love him!

PixelatedMushroom said...

very cute :)


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