Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Step #3 "How I Create My Plush"

How I create my plush Step 3

1. I first print out the pattern pieces from the previous post and then I pin and cut out all my pattern pieces to the fleece (white) and felt I begin to hand sew them all together. I used fleece for the rabbit's fur cause I wanted him to be really soft. I've never used it this way before so my initial idea was to machine sew the plush together after I hand sewed all the details.

2. I decided that some of the details should be dimensional instead of flat which is my usual style. I'm quite proud of how the glasses came out.

The Doctor was quite interested and came to take a peek.

3. I hand stitched all the body pieces together. Here he is all sewn together and almost done. I didn't show any of the sewing cause I didn't want to bore you. Really wishing
now that I had made the bow tie dimensional too.

I ended up hand sewing the fleece body together because I was afraid I'd jump off a bridge if I messed it up on the machine after I spend so many hours hand sewing the details on. I
really loved how nice the fleece was to sew.

Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking using this background but the White Rabbit is done.
He doesn't have whiskers like the drawing because I couldn't figure out how to do them, so if you have any ideas let me know.

I have a whole Alice In Wonderland series plush planned and I'll show peeks here and there as I work on the other characters. Alice is next.

Hope you enjoyed this "creating my plush" series.

You can find PART 1 HERE and PART 2 HERE.


Jingle said...

Oh, my goodness, he is so amazingly fabulous!!! I love, love, love him!!! Great job!!!!

The Little Fox said...

He is so charming! And so huggable!

Saskia said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!! Your plush is so nice!

Saskia :)

oldblackcatboo said...

WOW! I Love him!
You are SO generous, sharing your (secrets) technique. Too cool!

(The only thing I could figure out for the whiskers would be to take embroidery thread and go through, hiding the knot under the nose and the pulling it out the other side and cutting the ends off to the desired length) But hey, I think he's PERFECT the way he is!!!

Wendy Wright said...

He is so wonderful Sassy! Loved how he came out! :)


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