Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dr. Crap, WIP and Craft Store Shopping

So I had a Heart Echo test done today. Not too invasive unless you count wearing a gown with a man you don't know poking at your naked chest with a goo covered probe. Not the best of times but it was over quickly and the tech was very professional. Then I was off to the lab to be poked with needles. This tech was awesome and sweet and got my vein the very first time which is highly unusual. Needless to say I did not have a panic attack and cry like I usually do, I'm probably going to save that for my stress test next week when they try and put an IV in me. Oh joy, oh fun, not! 

Anyway the whole point to all of this is I had a really good morning so to treat myself I went to the craft store. Alone. Yeah you know that means I over spent as usual! I go in for one thing and come home with 25. Typical.
So here's what I got:

 Embroidery thread, photo fabric, buttons, a cute owl tin (for a dollar), fabric fray stop stuff, great teal felt (not shown) and 2 packs of 2 frames. All but 2 things were on sale so I didn't feel too bad.

Spent time last night cutting out felt for some new Garden Owl designs. I have 3 new designs but only have 2 started.
This one is my favorite so far.
Haven't pieced the front together yet.

Here's a sneak peek at one of my zombies I'm working on. They are still at the drawing and planning stage, very rough. Think Frankenstein + Addams family + Zombies.
I really can't do gruesome, wish I could but cute and demented seems to pour out of me! It must be a personality trait! Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been doing.


oldblackcatboo said...

Oh MY! I would have cried! You are So Brave! I'll have you in my thoughts and send you good positive happy thoughts for next week!
I'm just like that too! I take my 40% discount coupon into Hobby Lobby and buy something with that and a whole bunch of 1/2 price stuff! But the big difference is that YOU actually create with your craft goodies, my stuff sits in a bag in my art/spare room....sigh
Hey, I thought of you yesterday! I was stuck in traffic behind this SUV with bumper stickers that read "Dr. Who" and "I'm a Cat Momma" if there had been one about "Diva Chihuahua's" well...I would have been SURE it was YOU!
Take care!
XOXO - Cindi

Wendy Wright said...

Oh my gosh, good luck with all those tests!

I LOOOOOOVE your new Garden Owl. The top one is my absolute fave. I cannot wait to see him/her done! Please post when you finish him/her. :) Yay! :)


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