Monday, April 5, 2010

New Dolls I'm Working On and Other New Things.

These little felt dolls will be available in my etsy shop. As you can see they are multi ethnic. Some are Ballerinas and some mermaids. I'm thinking of doing some fairy tale dolls too.

I've put the rest of the Wonderland dolls on the back burner for now. My time is very limited so I'm concentrating on things I can finish quickly. 

I've been working hard at the other side of my business, the stationery side. Moving just about everything off eBay, organizing and re-working some older graphics in preparation of getting my sad little website filled up and running. 

I've also re-worked this blog design and created a blog just for my stationery business. This current blog will be for only my etsy items, my fun creative efforts, rants, sharing fun things I find and photos of my dog. The other blog will be for my stationery, website and eBay promotion. I hope to be able to give each equal time.

Another new bit of news is that I've opened a Zazzle shop and have a lot of my newer fun graphics available there for t-shirts, mugs and more. I'll post a link soon.

Now that the Girl has gone back to school I can roll up my sleeves and really get some work done!


MAB Jewelry said...

Yay for your happy, bright, and full of energy blog!

Laurie said...

You've been busy! I'm inspired!


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