Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and a Frosting Covered Chihuahua!

Easter for me is all about family and the food, especially a good coconut covered lamb or bunny cake and I've been craving one all week. Apparently though it's almost impossible to find one unless you make it yourself. And since I sold my lamb pan some years ago on ebay I was stuck buying a lamb cake. It was NOT coconut covered but since it was the only one I found I snapped it up.

It looked more like a frosting covered Chihuahua and the Girl (my daughter) refused to eat "the dog cake". I didn't understand why the poor thing was stabbed with a Knights Templar/Crusade banner and plastic flower! Oh, ha I get it now it's a cross, still weird to stab into a cake though! But anyway how bad could it be? It must taste good right? Oh you would be so, so very wrong! The frosting had no taste at all and the cake inside was so dry I'm sure the baker left some ingredients out. Very disappointing. 

One amusing thing happened with the cake though. My mom thought the head was a plastic piece and grabbed it to pull it off and discovered it was really cake and mushed half it's face in, now that was worth it! We immediately named it "Zombie Lamb"! LOL!

On a happy note I was able to find my deviled egg tray with bunny and bouquet salt and pepper shakers. I just love this goofy thing! Isn't it cute?

My brother stopped by with both his boys for about an hour and then went home to cook his own Easter dinner. His family and ours don't do any family holiday dinners anymore. Long, stupid story. His youngest (19 months) proceeded to terrorize my dog. At one point he grabbed her out of my arms had her by the head and a large clump of my hair too! He just a baby so I wasn't mad at him but at my brother who just stood there watching while I yelled for help. Poor Lita couldn't breathe and I was getting a large portion of my hair ripped out! Oh what fun we have on the holidays with family! Things calmed down after they left and we had an enjoyable dinner, so other than having the dog plastered to me and shaking in fear it was all good.

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oldblackcatboo said...

Oh! I love the pink! I love the new header! I LOVE it All!
It sounds like you had a crazy Easter! I hope both you and Lita have recovered.
I would have been hysterical if that happened with one of my little dogs. I mean, don't mess with my "babies!" even if you are a baby. I get upset when parents don't watch their kids or worse yet, watch them but do nothing.
But Hey, that's funny about your mom squishing the lambs head! LOL!
Take care and have a good week!


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