Saturday, July 17, 2010

Etsy Score!

One of my favorite sellers and someone I talk to almost daily on twitter is having a $10 sale in her store so I was finally able to get one of her awesome creations. They are not hugely expensive I'm just broke most of the time, plus who can resist a sale?

Meet Walter the Walrus.

Look at hims face! Love hims tooths!

Walter is from a great shop called ArtTales and Mary's creations are called LEFTZ for various reasons but mostly cause they are missing their left eyes. All LETFZ are made from mostly reclaimed materials: thrift store finds, vintage buttons and fabrics given away. They are made without a pattern and stuffed with plastic shopping bags. Each one is unique and super eco friendly!

LEFTZ creatures were recently featured in the latest issue of STUFFED magazine. Please check out her shop and her great blog too.


Cindi Myers said...

He's adorable! I'll go check out her shop right now!

yoborobo said...

I saw her in STUFFED! I love your walrus. I will go visit her shop. Thanks for the heads up! xox!

LEFTZ said...

Aww thanks :)) I'm glad he found such a great home

Wendy Wright said...

So cute!


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