Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Mags, WIP and A Tribal

Kind of a random posting today. Was looking thru my mom's magazines and saw she had some from Food Network that looked fun, so I borrowed them. I saw 2 things I just had to share.
I seriously want this cake pan! The cake comes out looking like sandwich bread. That sandwich is actually a cake! How awesome is that! I love fun cake pans.
The other issue had this wedding cake make from snack cakes. I'm not a big traditionalist but I think this is really weird! I showed it to my daughter and asked her "would she want a wedding cake like this"? And her answer was "sure, looks like it saves money". I shook my head is disbelief then remembered that she's still a teenager so would really love this!
Quick WIP. Dolls on the worktable waiting. These will take a while to complete and you won't see them until long after I'm done. They are a set for a special project that I can't talk about now.
I do have other dolls in the works that I'll share with you, so no worries!
I got this in the mail last week. It's a Tribal from Mary of ArtTales. I snapped up another one of her fun plush creations during her sale. Her Tribals are such cute tree-ish creatures. As a LOTR fan I find them to be Ent-like in a happy plush way. This one is a mother and Papoose. I had to have it cause I used to call my daughter my papoose and this plush reminds me of those sweet baby days.
Sassy's Friday Finds will be back tomorrow so be sure to stop back and see what fun things I find!


Jingle said...

well now your WIP dolls have me curious! I am totally loving the one your received!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

I agree, I wouldn't want a wedding cake made of snack cakes.
More like one made of chocolate cake covered in rich white frosting and smothered in raspberries and almonds. Or maybe angel food frosting with chocolate fudge frosting or....


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