Thursday, July 15, 2010

Studio Worktable and Shelves

This isn't the post I was planning on doing today. My camera is on the fritz so I can only show the photos I got before the darn thing went out. So no sneak peeks of the new projects, sorry. Although if you look closely you might see some things just chilling in the background.

If you follow me on twitter then you know I've been cleaning of my main worktable and shelves above it. I've made a mad dash for tidiness and organization before my brain exploded from the visual clutter. I'd come into my studio intending to work and would get freaked out and then walk away. Now one whole side of the studio is tidy and clean. 3 more sides to go but I'm already so much calmer and creative thoughts are starting to flow again.

I'm not going to show any before pictures cause they are too depressing and my shelves are happy now. For my twitter followers these are the shelves that were falling off the wall a few months back but are fixed and sturdy.

Clean and clutter free desk. This is the area I use for cutting, shipping and storing wips so I don't lose any tiny pieces.

Lots more to go but pleased at the work done so far! I love to look at other people's studios and work spaces. I love this picture and don't know where I found it! I need a lot more room than this but it's such a great space saver and the colors are so calming.

I love that I have 3 large tables in my studio and that it's filled with bright colors. What do you love about your creative space?


MLBetterly said...

Looking good!!!!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Hey love the organized look, must be thinking the same, I just put a wire rack in my studio, and used those mesh laundry pop up bags to fill up with fabrics, now I can see everything. If I can't see it, I can't use it. My studio is now all wire shelves and clear plastic LOL
But at least I can see everything, even without glasses

Beth Howard said...

Looks *awesome*!

Cindi Myers said...

ya know, I should think about posting photos of my art work space....maybe THAT thought would make me clean it up! Tee hee!
XOXO - Cindi

MAB said...

My creative space is the living room floor! But I love a couple of things about that:
1. When I drop beads, it's easy to find them.
2. Everything gets packed up when I'm done and goes into the hall closet.
I'm like you--I can't function if things aren't tidy.

Anonymous said...

Good going gal! So much better and I'm sure you feel less frazzled!


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