Monday, October 1, 2012

A New Frank For Fall.

I made a prototype head for a doll I was working out a pattern for. The head didn't make the cut for that particular piece but it was a great head regardless so I kept it on my worktable. After I finally finished several big projects I thought this head deserved a body.
You've probably seen him chilling on my worktable in other photos. Here he is waiting for a body.
Tailoring his jacket. Deciding on the position of his arms. Hands still need to be sewn and stuffed. He's a tall guy.
Hands sewn and ready to attach the arms.
Frank's all done and is in my etsy shop. There is a link to him on the right side of this page. He's  22 inches tall and is a OOAK. He's made from eco felt and is entirely hand stitched by me using my own pattern. He has a loop sewn on his back so he can be hung on a wall.


Mary Ann said...

He's fabulous....LOL I love him:)

Finding Charm said...

He's great! I love his face. You did a stupendous job.

Cynthia Myers said...

He's very handsome! :)
I mean handsome for a guy made of dead people's body parts. LOL!
Truly, I LOVE him.
I'm thinking this is the year for Frankensteins and so far yours is my fav!

erikacreaciones said...


Stacey said...

he's awesome!! great job!!


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