Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Tour Of My Studio - 2013

I moved everything around in my studio a few months back but never got around to taking pics. I was starting to have some serious anxiety issues with my lack of space. This new configuration helped relieve some of the anxiety for a while but I'm running out of space again. Anyway this is as clean as it gets. Let's tour shall we?

This was my original plan. Things changed slightly but it's mostly the same.
My studio is in the dining room. I have my large couch blocking part of the entrance because the living room is weird and there is nowhere else to put it.
Behind the couch there is a small bookcase that I use the top of to iron small things. Books and magazines are stored on the shelves. Next to the book case is a wire shelving unit that holds my printer and printer supplies.

Computer desk with cushion underneath for the cat.
Large wire shelves that I moved from the window wall to in front of the kitchen door. Everything is neatly labeled so I can find things but now I'm running out of room so things are piled in front of the shelf.
Clay table with shelves I moved over on the wall. I always meant to make a table skirt so all the crap under the table was hidden...oh well.
My main worktable is now in front of the window so I have better light during the day. A portion of the table is taken up by my new sewing machine.
Next to that table is my felt storage. The small boxes on top have trims and things.

As you can see I'm really packed in here tight. And this is after a good clean out. I won't tell you how much I have stored in the garage too. My brother has said he intends to move out this summer so I'm trying to hold on til then. If he does move I'll take over his room which is the Master bedroom. It's not a huge room at all but just big enough so I can spread out and breathe a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed this happens cause once I'm in there I'm not moving back out.


yoborobo said...

Lol! It looks a lot like my work area, which is in the bedroom, and some days, it looks like Costco. Boxes, bags, stacks, weird dolls (wait, they don't have those at Costco!). I think you look super organized, and I hope you get to take over your brother's room soon. :)) xox

Mary Ann said...

I took over my son's room when he moved thing I ever did as I can make a mess and then walk out and close the door behind me:) I have been doing a major cleanup too.

Cynthia Myers said...

I have to smile.
I'm forever moving stuff around. Sometimes I think I do that more than I actually create anything.
Your space looks pretty organized to me! Fingers crossed that you get that master bedroom back!
XOXO - Cindi

arslan mirza said...

Great Work.....


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