Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lack of Motivation

I'm going through a period of complete lack of any motivation. It happens now and then and I know it will end eventually, but it's tough going right now. I have 2 large projects in the works and a Valentine swap piece to make, another project to start next month, and interview to write up and lots of ideas for things. Just can't get myself going. In a weird way I kind of feel like I'm waiting for something, what that is I don't know.

I've been feeling closed in and squeezed in my studio lately. So I packed all my dolls away and moved supplies around so that things were off the floor. I moved my old sewing machine onto a shelf so I would stop banging my foot on it everyday. I also moved all of my clay and painting supplies to the shelves above my clay table (where my dolls used to hang out). I moved my new sewing machine to one side of the clay table to give me room on my regular worktable. I feel calmer now but still not motivated.

My daughter has been sick and I've been running around taking care of her. The poor thing is either in her bed or on the couch. But she has some furry friends to cuddle with.
 I think I need a vacation, but since that's not going to happen I'll continue to wander around the house until my mojo comes back...hopefully soon.

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Cynthia Myers said...

I understand totally.
I'm not really lacking motivation, I'm lacking energy. This frigid weather isn't helping either. I just come home from work and feel like going to bed.
Sometimes when I need motivation, I go to Pinterest or Youtube and see what other people are doing and that motivates me!
Good Luck! :)
You probably just need some down time and to care for yourself.
Take care! xoxo - Cindi


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