Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So Much Work!

*Warning, general crabbiness and whining ahead* There is so much work to be done for this website! Everything takes 10 times longer than I think it will and days go by when I can't do anything work related.

Anyway I apparently don't have enough on my plate cause I started taking this 30 Sale a Day Challenge course to help me focus on my business and I highly recommend it. And guess what it's FREE!

You can work at your own pace. There are all some worksheets to download and fill out and questions to answer. I won't lie it's hard (at least for me) I really have to push myself to do these exercises but it's so worth it! Mei who designed this course is an awesome person. I belong to a Private Facebook Group of hers and it's full of great helpful people. Also Mei is active in the group and answers questions too. I follow several "social media business people" and the content Mei has really connects with me.

 So today was supposed to be my super secret soft website launch date. Yeah, that didn't happen. Yep, and I'm stressed about it too. Now I'm not sure exactly when it will launch, but my newsletter subscribers will be the first to know by a day or two, then everyone else will find out.

I've been stressing about lots of things but particularly my product photos. A couple of days ago I set up my lightbox and started shooting and was so unhappy with my photos, like seriously in a funk about it, so much so I just sat around stressing about it. Yesterday I got off my butt and shot a whole new round of photos which are better and starting to grow on me, but not perfect like I imagined in my head. Well I'm not perfect so why should my photos be?! I'll never get anything done if I keep expecting perfect, so I'm slowly learning that not perfect but trying my best is good enough.

Thanks for reading through my crabbiness and I promise to have something more upbeat next time.

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