Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Finds: Enamel Pins

Back in the 80's, now I'm really dating myself, little round pins with weird sayings were hugely popular. I had a jacket full of them and they are probably still here somewhere. I adored them and was sad when they went out of style.

30 years later I started seeing enamel pins made from designs of artists, illustrators and even plush makers.This has probably been a "thing" for some time but I've just recently noticed the re-resurgence of enamel pins. They used to be only American Flags, Union Affiliations, Corporate Logos etc. 

But now they are super fun and in a lot of cases irreverent, which of course, is right up my alley! I found one I absolutely had to have, it was so very me and now I think I'm hooked and must have more.

I'm even thinking about getting some of my logo to give to customers.Here are a few that I thought were fun and wanted to share with you.

Click on the company name to get to their sites. Below is the one I bought and just love.

This company has some other great items that I really love, even though I'm not the age of their customer base.

Reminds me of those round buttons of long ago.

Silly and fun with a cat is always something I look for.

I love Susie Ghahremani's illustrations and now they are on pins. Win, win!

This one takes me back to my teenage years and is on my list to get. Girls, even the ones my age love unicorns.

This one is called morning routine. I can relate. I hope you enjoyed these picks and now you'll probably start enamel pins everywhere.


Cindi Myers said...

crap. now I want those pins too!

sassypackrat said...

I know Cindi! I'm in love with them!


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