Friday, September 3, 2010

Sassy's Friday Feature- Wilde Designs

One of my favorite twitter and blog friends is Beth and she has 3 fun shops on etsy. Her main shop is Wilde Designs. Apparently she's a fan of Oscar Wilde, hence the name and has some interesting quote bookmarks by said fellow. It's an eclectic shop full of fun. She has everything from a thought provoking photo series called Vanishing Texas to another photo series called Barbie Murders (which is a favorite of mine being a little twisted and dark), another great series that I just love is Retro Rebrobates (Should we tell her....? is just one hilarious example).
Original artwork and jewelry round out this shops great offerings.
I admit it, I staged my Barbie in gruesome death scenes.
(I never said I wasn't a weird kid) So I enjoy the dark
humor of these prints. 
The Barbie Murders series has its own Storque spotlight:
Beautiful and reminiscent of my favorite 
painter Georgia O'Keeffe.
LOL! This makes me laugh so hard!

Beth's 2nd etsy shop is called Tacky Fab and is full of chunky jewelry, purses and clothes. It's tacky and it's fab!
I love this scarf! Colorful & Fab!
The Fab just continues with these great earrings!

The 3rd shop is called Power Ups and has Geeky gear for all occasions. This shop is a dual affair between Beth and her partner Wes and is my most favorite out of all her shops! Being the geeky girl I am I just revel in all the geekiness here. Being a huge Dr. Who fan it's fun to see what new designs will appear here. Vampires and Sweet Transvestites and Hobbits and much more original art can be found here. If you are a geeky sci-fi fan this shop is a must to browse and hopefully you'll find a fun present for yourself or geeky loved one.
You will be exterminated!
Great line from the new Doctor.
My son loves this movie so I added this for him.
One of my all time favorite Vampires! Sigh!
Looks like something Flash Gordon would have, right?
I'm a Rocky Horror Picture Show lover
from way, way, OMG way back. One
day I will buy this cause it's a must have!

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these great finds from Beth's Shops as much as I had putting together this post. To find out more about Beth and her work check out her shops and I'll link you to her Facebook, Flickr, blog and Twitter too.


oldblackcatboo said...

Ha! I like the one about telling her that she looks like a slut!
Too Funny! Too True!

Beth said...

Since somehow I didn't say so before? You ROCK! Thank you!!! :: hugs ::


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