Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Halloween Plush Dolls

I've been wanting to make some plush dolls and recently was focused so hard on my other dolls that I needed a break. I had a design I did months ago so I set aside my Halloween dolls for a bit and cranked these out instead. They are based on a design I did for a Vampire Dotee Doll swap I did last year. I had so much fun with it I wanted to do larger plush. The original design didn't have arms or legs but were pillow like but I decided to push myself further and make dolls out of them. I'm in love with them! There was supposed to be a witch and a Skellie but time got away from me so I might not do those this year. I did do a Ghost, Vampire, Frank and his Bride.
Please let me know your thoughts on them. I'm thinking of re-doing the ghost. I made him first and I think he needs more detail. These will be OOAK and if they sell I won't make anymore until next year and they will be somewhat different.
This is the Dotee Doll that inspired my design.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little creative efforts. Christmas is kind of screaming in my ear and I feel like I'm already late in starting that so more fun things are a coming!


CloverMeadow said...

I'm having a hard time picking between the ghost or the vampire as my super favorites, but they are all cuties! I enjoy the use of mixed fabrics with these pieces, nice choice. =)

The vampire coffin is a spectacular touch with the Dotee Doll!

Finding Charm said...

Those are so cute! Definitely will sell out. I think the ghost is perfect. Ghosts don't have a lot of detail to them.

Jingle said...

These are really cute! Great job! Oh...and I like the ghost - I think the the simplicity works for it.

Moriah said...

I love them all! I think Frankie's wife is my fave!

Kaerie Faerie said...

your dolls are wonderful don't change a thing, I love all the colors
Halloween dolls are so fun!!!

Wendy Wright said...

Your plush dolls keep stepping up more and more levels. I think these dolls are your best work yet. I love the mixed fabrics too. Loved how you designed their eyes. The ghost is awesome and I think it is perfect. Just like Finding Charm said ghosts don't have a lot of detail to them. They will for sure sell out!

oldblackcatboo said...

OMG! I adore them all!
I've tried but I simply can NOT choose a favorite!
These are fantastic!!!!

The Little Fox said...

So,so cute and adorable, thank you so much for sharing!

I am hosting a giveaway over at my blog, come join!

Griselda said...

Soooo cute!!!


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