Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Worktable Tuesday and A Witch.

At the last minute I decided to add a witch to my Halloween Plush Dolls and finished her over the weekend. I think she's my favorite. She's a cutie, isn't she?
 The whole gang is now ready to list in my etsy shop.
Some Christmas worktable peeks.
A finished prototype peek.
And yes I went a little nuts last night and started cutting out Halloween owls. How could I not?!


MAB Jewelry said...

Sassy, I love what you're doing with their eyes. It gives them even more personality.

Wendy Wright said...

All of them rock! I can't choose a favorite one. I love the photo of them all and the ghost looks like he is jumping out and saying Boo! Love their eyes too, the mix of fabric. They are all well so designed. Ohhhh and that Halloween owl on the right looks super fab. I cannot wait to see him done! :)

Jingle said...

Your witch is really cute! i'm liking what I can see of the reindeer, too!

Finding Charm said...

Nice addition to the Halloween family. Love the owls.

AndreaLeigh said...

so cute! i might need to order one for DS.


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