Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bigfoot Needed Some Serious Tweeking.

So I started working on a plush Bigfoot design last week. You would have thought I never made any plush before if you saw the way he turned out. Ugh! Now to be fair to myself I haven't designed any new plush for months and months since I've been concentrating on dolls and things so I know I should give myself a break...except knowing me I won't.

After I made the prototype and stuffed him I realized the "plush mistakes" I made. 
#1. Flat doesn't translate to a 3D piece so what looks good flat NEVER does stuffed.
#2. I made the design too simple. 
#3. His feet should have be the focus not really the face. 
#4 I got cocky and thought I could just bang out a design without thinking about it properly. UGH again! Disappointing!

So I sat back down at the computer and looked at my design. I played with it and think I finally have the final design. In case you are interested and haven't run screaming from this post yet I'll show my designs and you can see my thought process.
First here is the horrid thing I made. I'm embarrassed to show you. This is the mini prototype. The body isn't big enough for the large face features.
This is the first re-design I did. Hate it!! Ugh, pancake feet!
This one is modified more with the feet as more of a focus. The body is the same and I was really not happy with it but I felt like there was something good about the feet. So back to the computer I went.

So this is where I am at the moment. I thought I was done really I did but as I was writing this post I was thinking about other changes I can make. He's a bit too doll like. It's a never ending story around here. Once I finally make a firm decision he'll be made from green fake fur. Why green? Cause the person who requested him wants him green and I thought it was a fabulous idea.

Thanks as always for reading my crazed ramblings!


oldblackcatboo said...

I like the second one, since he's Bigfoot, I think his feet should be BIG, really BIG!
That's just what I'm thinkin'
Good Luck but I know he'll be great, your work always is!
XOXO - Cindi

MLBetterly said...

I keep scrolling up and down, looking at all three drawings. I keep coming back to the second one. I'm drawn to it more than the others. Not that you asked for an opinion, :).


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