Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday In Sassyland....

...or peeks around and finally a finished piece. My brother finally got my shelves above my computer desk up for me. He has the height and long arms that I lack, lol. So of course I had to rearrange everything.
These hold my finished pieces and a few of my collections of other artist's pieces. I have an elf from Kaerie Faerie, a jointed paper doll from Honey Girl Studios, a doll from OCR Primitive Arts, A Bit of Whimsy Dolls Gnome and Patrick's awesome Prim Santa. The empty shelf above will hold my Christmas dolls.
Rearranged this set of shelves above my work table too. Yes I know I did it recently but hey things change...right? I really wanted a place to display the great but few Halloween pieces I have. I also filled out the shelf with a bunch of owls.
Patrick of Cre8tor's Touch made this wonderful witch on a moon piece that I got in a swap. She's the main feature of this shelf. I also have a tiny little paper clay matchbox goth doll from Moriah of MLBetterly, a sweet black cat doll from Cindi Meyers, an awesome pumpkin from Linda Kennon of Gourdqueen, Sherry Hall's pumpkin ornie, a Day of the Dead ornie from Mealy Monster Land oh yes and a great candle from Joni Nickrent of Pop Art Minis.
Here's finally is my finished retro, vintage, prim, goofy, whatever pumpkin head. I like him so he's been added to the shelf too.
In other news this fun plush couple has been sold and I'm so thrilled that they are off to a new home. The Vampire and the witch are both still available if anyone is interested.


oldblackcatboo said...

Awesome shelves! I wish he'd come over and put some up for me! LOL!
Love your collections! My little black kitty looks happy and right at home with her friends!
XOXO - Cindi

yoborobo said...

Let's hear it for shelves! Yours look so cool, and I love your collection. I'm trying to clear off a couple of shelves near my work table, so I can have some little friends nearby while I work. :) xox!


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