Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Clay Skellie Doll is Finished.

I think I may be in love with this doll. She's a manifestation of turmoil and emotions that I've been dealing with in clay form. I started her just before my step dad went into the hospital and just finished her Monday night. She's a bit disturbing possibly and certainly not cute. She appears to me to be a bit sad and slightly crazed but she has a place in my heart.

Introducing Morilla.
This is the sneak peek I put on Facebook last night. 
She's made from paper clay and has jointed arms and legs. She can sit on her own. I added diamond glaze to her eyes to get the glassy spaced out look that I'm sure I wear myself most days. She wears a simple skirt with dancing skellies on it. She has a headband with red roses.
Her body and head have 3D details but her limbs have the bones painted on. She has thighs, a separate knee and lower legs with attached feet that have been wired together.
She's the most complex, detailed and largest paper clay doll of mine to date. She's approx 13"  (32.5 cm) tall.
She and my felt skellie have been getting on great.


MLBetterly said...

She came out fantastic, Jen! I love her flowered headband and all of the detail you painted on with the bones. I think she's pretty "cute"!

oldblackcatboo said...

OK, NOW I have a NEW all time favorite!
Hope she has helped you to work out some of your stress!
So cool!
:D - Cindi

Jingle said...

She is absolutely fabulous!

yoborobo said...

Well, I LOVE HER!!!!! She's fabulous. :) xo

Mary Ann said...

Hey she's cute. Love the detail and I love your felt skellie too:)

Kaerie Faerie said...

she is very cool, and I think cute, wonderful art-work

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Oh, she is so wuvable!!!!

I LOVE her.. from head to toe, every little detail.



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