Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Last Custom Order of 2011

I did a quick post about my making a custom dog ornament for a returning customer here back in November 2011. I got a lot of great response to it and another order. The new client is a friend from The Hive and she gave me permission to share the creation of the ornament with you.

This one is completely different from the ornament I previously's a kitty! And just the face this time and it's much more detailed. My lovely customer sent me a photo and I made a template of the kitty's beautiful markings. Isn't he gorgeous?
 This was such a challenge to get the cat to look like himself but simplified. I did the eyes 3 different ways 3 times until I was happy with them. So many tiny, fiddly pieces!
I did the face pattern on the computer but to make one yourself you could trace the face or scan the photo to the size you want than cut apart the features you want to use for your template. You could also glue the felt instead of sewing all the tiny, tiny stitches I did.
 You can click on this photo to see it larger I believe if you'd like to see more of the details. At this point I'm figuring out where to put the hanger. Then I'll sew all away around and stuff the face lightly.
Here he is stuffed and complete.
You can see he's quite large.
A quick shot of him on my studio tree before he was shipped out. I really enjoyed making this ornament and will make one of my pup Lita for my tree next year.


Laurie said...

How awesome!

oldblackcatboo said...


MLBetterly said...

You did an awesome job!

honeychild said...

Now that's just adorable! I love your dog ornaments, too. What a great idea. Diane


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