Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A New Studio design For A New Year

What I had wasn't working any more. I've changed my work focus and needed to change my studio to reflect that and make it easier to create.
Here's a shot of my little space from the living room. If you've seen my studio before than you might think it's pretty much the same...but there are some major differences. I now have 2 worktables for cloth and felt doll and plush making, a separate worktable for clay and painting and a smaller table just for my computer. Somehow I got another table in here without taking anything out except for the small console table I was using to shoot on. Yea me!
The empty corner wall on the right is driving me nuts. It the perfect place to hang art I have form other etsy artists, so once I organize myself I'll get that know how I am.
This is my main worktable that you've all seen. It faces the living room so I can watch t.v. while I sew. Yeah I know my living room was a hot mess when I shot this and honestly it still is.
I moved the table my computer and printer were on to this side and can store my felt bins underneath now. I got a great bunch of photo boxes super cheap at the clearance sale Joann's was having and I have trims and lace and buttons etc stored and labeled. I even organized them by season, like all Halloween stuff and all Christmas stuff! Squee! Now I don't have to dig every single time I want to work on something.
I moved my shipping storage to the left corner. And my giant bags of stuffing are in that corner too. Packed away lots of finished work and made space for my clay and painting supplies. I even have room for my toaster oven to bake my little pieces! This clay table is sharing space with my photo printer for now but that will change soon. My sewing machines and another printer and supply storage goes underneath.
This is now my computer station. It's my old drafting table I got for high school graduation that I refused to give away. See I did need it! It fits perfectly here.
I still have the big shelving unit. I just moved it over a few feet since my felt bins are no longer there and that allows me access to the window in front of my computer desk. Daylight! I organized this a bit but there's a lot I just want to get rid of still. My trusty file cabinet stayed in the corner but I went through it and shredded most of my old ebay files.
I want to share this great find. I got it 1/2 off which is good cause it isn't worth more than that anyway. I was able to clean out a whole big bin of ribbon and now I can see what I have. So happy about this! I hated pulling out that bin and digging through it.

Well it's not one of those fancy, super girly pretty studios but it's me and I look forward to getting my hands dirty in here.


Kaerie Faerie said...

love seeing your studio
wishing you lots of new dollies in 2012

oldblackcatboo said...

Well I think that it looks like you are super organized! and I ADORE the fact that your livingroom is a "hot mess"! LOL!
It makes ME feel so much better about my "piles" of laundry, etc.
Do you have problems with your critters getting into things?
I have to lock my stuff away from the kitties and keep it HIGH off of the floor from the little ones.
(Blue could care less unless it smells like food!)
Love your work space!
:) - Cindi

Stacey Queen of Rants and Ramblings said...

THis is inspiring me to get organized... Good luck with the new studio redo!

yoborobo said...

My whole house is a hot mess. That's just the way it is! :) I am TRYING to get organized so I can find things when I need them. Love the ribbon organizer - brilliant! xox

MLBetterly said...

I think you rearrange and reorganize your studio as much as I do mine. Good to know I'm in good company. ;) It looks great. I love looking at girly frilly studios in magazines but mine is functional instead of pretty. I can barely keep the functionals organized and clean... can you imagine if I had to keep pretties clean and straightened too? Forget about it. :)


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