Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quick Post on Research

I promised this at some point in the past so I'm trying to post this for those who were interested. Below are the website builders I looked into when I decided to have my own site.

 WIX is the first site I tried. I actually made a site there for a time a few years ago. I was testing it out as a portfolio site that I could link to my etsy shop. I found it to be frustrating. There was not enough freedom to do what I wanted, everything was locked into grids and boxes. This might be fine for a lot of people but as a graphic designer I've been used to more design freedom. Wix may be different now, but that was my experience.
*I should mention that when I wasn't looking to set up an eCommerce website when I was using this, only a portfolio site.

Squarespace has multi pricing and is one I didn't look into when I was looking. Maybe it's new, not sure but looks interesting. You can do just a single page or a full website.

Big Cartel is a nice multi price service that is for Artists specifically. When I was looking at them last year the thing I dislike the most about it was that it's not mobile friendly. When you look at a site built at Big Cartel on a cell phone or tablet a portion of the screen and your product is cut off. I also saw the whole site go down recently for hours. How many sales were lost then I wondered? 
I looked today and it looks like they are finally getting the mobile issue fixed, although I have yet to see anyone who is using the mobile feature so it's either super new or an additional cost add on.

Weebly is very similar to Wix with a similar structured template system. 

Wordpress has super custom features but most people would need someone to built a site for them cause it a lot to tackle with this system. I was a graphic designer for almost 20 years and it was too much for me. 

They are many more sites out there so I suggest doing lots of research.


Xenia said...

Thanks for the info! Very useful and timely for me.

Cynthia Myers said...

I think I actually started Wix and then stopped.
I need to get my act together.
Jeez :p
Thanks for this!


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