Monday, August 10, 2015

What's Going On In Sassyland?

I'm not doing the best job at keeping this blog updated. I do have good intentions though! Anyway so much has been going on I really could write a very long, very boring book about it, but who would want to read that? So I'll just pretend I haven't disappeared for a few months and post some art picks, ok?

I did finally get my product tag and business cards sent out to the printers and I freaking love how fabulous they turned out.
Not the best pic but these cards are so thick and luxurious. Double sided and oh so cute. I took advantage of a 25% off sale that only pops up once a year and got 200 beautiful cards. These were printed by
My product tags are awesome! I decided since the image is so small to change the mouse to white so it's easier to see from a distance, but everywhere else the mouse is brown. I won't lie these were expensive since I only ordered the bare minimum of 100 pieces, but wow they did a great job and hopefully (fingers crossed) that I can order a larger amount next time.

Meanwhile I have been designing new dolls that will go up for sale on my new website. They are for gentle play and nursery decorations, also I'm sure adult collectors like myself might like them too. I thought I had the design set but then made further changes and now I'm super happy with them. Here are pics of the original design.

 Lovely ladies of many lovely skin colors. They still need hair, arms and clothes then I'll probably put these up for sale at a reduced price since I changed the design a bit. 

Left is the original design and right is the new design. Basically the head is bigger but it makes a huge difference to the look of the doll.
 I know I still need to post about my website research and I am working on that so stay tuned for that, plus I'll let you know what web company I chose and why.

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Mary Ann said...

Your cards and tags are awesome. Love the new doll design too:)


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