Monday, August 24, 2015

So Flipping Excited!

After talking about having my own website, trying out different hosts and researching the heck out of the subject for so long, I finally started putting together the design for my very own site!
 I was able to purchase my old domain name. I stalked it forever to make sure it was available. But honesty who else would want it beside me?

I chose Shopify to host my website. I've heard awesome things about them. They come highly recommended, their customer service is crazy good and I actually know people who have websites on their site. I had Shopify purchase my domain for me and link it to my site. It was quick, easy and the domain cost was the cheapest I've ever paid!

Also about an hour after I signed up a customer service guy for Shopify emailed me welcoming me and asking if I wanted to get together for a phone consultation to help me through any of the set up I needed help with. What!? Guys this is free! They are here to! They have all kinds of help pages too.

I worked most of Sunday setting up the back end of my site and starting my design.

The back end involves:taxes, shipping, how purchases are handled and all those business type things that make stuff work

I started my design by picking a theme. Themes are how your site looks. Shopify has a nice selection of free themes to start out with. I'm using a nice simple free theme now but next year I hope to graduate to a more featured theme that I'll pay for. One day in the future I'll hire a web designer to custom do a site for me, but that's a ways steps. 

My theme design is mostly done. I still have tweaking to do and I'll  have many sleepless nights trying to finish art to load into my shop.

I'll probably do a series on my website journey cause when I talk to my family their eyes just glaze over but someone reading this might be interested. I'm so flipping excited!

I added a signup box for my newsletter to my side bar, check it out! Or click HERE!

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Mary Ann said...

I've been getting promos about Shopify on Facebook recently but I don't know much about it. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your experience.


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