Friday, October 16, 2015

Highs and Lows of This Week.

This was a crazy week! I spent several days watching live webnar classes about different business things. I learned so much and was happy I spent the time even though I was taking notes so couldn't really sew.

I've been working hard to get my facebook business page engagement up. I got about 20 new followers and have a posting schedule set up so I actually post things there instead of ignoring that page.

I have a rouge box of supplies that is in the wrong state but should have been delivered to me today.

Not much is happening on my website. I continue to get views but no sales. Not too surprising, I still need to do more work on things there, but at least the site is up.

I made my first Periscope video but it was a disaster! Mostly because Periscope and Androids don't work together. Wish I knew that ahead of time! My video turned out mostly upside down and mirrored and my internet connection went bad so part of the video was pixilated. Sigh! So for now I'm just making short videos and putting them on my Facebook Fan page.

The most amazing news is I got a commission for an awesome piece! My client doesn't follow my blog so I'm going to post wips here for you guys to see. She wanted just a few sneak peeks on social media and to be surprised by the final piece. I'll keep the final secret until she sees it.

She wants a soft sculpture of her chihuahua with Day of the Dead designs on it! And she gave me free reign over the whole thing! That's my kind of client.

Here's about the 3rd prototype. This one's a keeper. It's made it pink felt cause it's a lower grade felt I use for pattern making. 

Now if only my supply box shows up so I can start the final!

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