Friday, October 9, 2015

Have you heard of Periscope?

It's an app that let's you record live videos that can be replayed up to 24 hours after the live broadcast. People watching you live can also type chat with you, asking questions etc. They can also tap their screens to send you hearts, which means they like you or what you are talking about and invite other on their twitter feed to watch you too.

It's a app for the Twitter people so you need a twitter account to sign up. People can follow you on Periscope like any other social network and you can block rude, annoying and unwanted followers.

I use Periscope to watch social media and handmade business marketing people. I also watch other artists. The artists I follow do wips, make art while you watch, talk about their artistic process etc.

People do all kinds of scopes, as they are called. Some people scope random life moments, some use the scope to promote their business, you can decorate a cake, re-arrange your living room, take the dog for a walk. Whatever you scope about some one will be interested.

There is now a new app called which records your scopes and saves them in a accessible library. You can then put them on your website, blog or make them available to youtube. Oh and all of this is free!

Anyway, the reason I brought the whole thing up is I'm going to make my first video soon and I hope you'll watch. I plan on showing my studio, detailed looks at my new products etc.

 I decided to put this Day of the Dead Skellie girl in my shop and here are some random studio shots of her that I really liked.

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Cindi Myers said...

Good Luck with your first video.
I doubt that I would do one as I hate seeing photos of myself much less a video!
No seriously. I hate it.
And while I share just about everything on my blog, I am hesitant to show my home, etc.
Bits and pieces maybe, but I feel like a video would be too much for me.
But I do enjoy watching other artists talk. I always get inspired when I do!


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