Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Worktable Wednesday

I had a supply shipment take it's sweet time getting to me so I had a few days to stare at the prototype I made, shown in the previous post. Good thing I had that time cause while sketching out the applique and embroidery designs that I'll be sewing on the final piece I realized the prototype wasn't going to work. So I redesigned it again to give more surface area and now can finally start the final piece.

 One of the designs for the soft sculpture piece I mentioned above.

 This is the color pallet for a project. So fun and festive!

 One of my new felt shipments. I'm so eager to get my scissors into these!

 I used all my current blue felt to cut these babies out. I'm currently sewing 1 set a night while watching tv.

 I have little felt scrap stacks all over my worktable.

 This sweetie is in need of clothes, but has to wait her turn.

I'm super, super busy right now, what are you busy doing? 

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