Friday, October 2, 2015

Here's A Peek At My Newsletter Frebie.

So working like a madwoman I was able to get my freebie tutorial pdf done just in time for my October newsletter release yesterday. I hope my subscribers liked it.

 I decided to do a cute candy corn ornament. I updated an old pattern that I've had for a while. The pattern can be scaled up to make a plush pillow too.
 Does anyone remember when I used to make these? (old pic)
How cute would these guys with different facial expressions be sitting in a window or on your couch? (old pic)

 Wouldn't this be cute on a Halloween tree? Anyway completing this was a big goal of mine and I'm already thinking about November and December's fun projects

I also announced my website launch to my newsletter subscribers. I will inform the rest of my social media accounts next week.

I have one last thing to do for the website which is proving to be the hardest thing of About Me page. I've always found that writing about myself is anxiety producing. But I'm pushing forward and getting it done today! Wish me luck.


Melissa Tremberth said...

Cute! I love felt Candy Corns! One of my favorite fall things to make! You can do so many things with them, hang them on door knobs, fill a bowl, make a garland, little hair clips..endless! Thanks for sharing, so cute!!!

Cindi Myers said...

I left you a comment over on Facebook about your About Me page.
I think you should read the About me pages of Artists that you admire.
Successful people whose work you love.
I'm sure it will inspire you.

sassypackrat said...

Thanks Melissa! I also love how versatile they are. Glad you liked him.

sassypackrat said...

Thanks Cindi! The thing that was getting me is there doesn't seem to be anything set in stone about bios. Everyone does it differently. I did look at lot of people's websites, got a bunch of advice and finally got it done. Whew!


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