Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Worktable Wednesday: Penguin Felt Plush Pattern Launch and a Nursey Art Piece Wip

I launched my 2nd PDF Felt Pattern! I'm really so very proud of this! Being in the hospital and having to take it easy when I came home really set my plans back and this pattern launched later than I expected. But it's up and available now!

This felt penguin pdf pattern comes with 2 face designs. I just love that sleepy/bashful eye design!

 You can make a regular colored penguin or a whole colorful rainbow of felt penguins!

This felt penguin plush is a nice size for pretend play. Not small enough to loose and not too big to go on adventures. Kids who play Club Penguin would really enjoy this plush.

I'm currently working on a add-on felt pattern set that will be listed soon. So keep your eye out for this!

More worktable projects this week include:

A Fairy Tale Felt Nursery Art Piece. My upstairs neighbors are having a baby, they actually just got home from the hospital last night so I'm super behind on getting this piece done for them It's a gift so no time frame to worry about, but I'm super busy and trying to fit this in my schedule is challenging.

I had already done research for it previously so at least that part was done. I had also made a rough sketch of an basic idea I liked. This is seriously rough you guys so don't laugh!

 After looking at popular baby bedding in this theme I decided to change from a cottage to a castle. 

 I refined the idea a little more to a castle coming out of a book.

Then I made a life size sketch of the design. Normally I'd make this on the computer, very neat and precise but I just don't have time so I'm winging it. 

 I started cutting out felt last night. I'm starting at the bottom and working my way up. I hope this turns out as nice as it looks in my head!

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