Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Shots and A Treasury

These two things don't have anything to do with each other but well, you should be used to my randomness by now.

Was out in my crazed, messy, overgrown garden the other day and took some photos of things that didn't look too bad. I don't know if you are in an area where the helicopter seeds fall from the trees but these things are crazy this year! We got twice as much falling than we normally do and in a high wind can really hurt if they get you. Anyway the point is they are everywhere and cleaning them up is a huge chore that I haven't been up to so you'll see them in my rocks and mulch areas...just ignore them, I do.

 The best thing about my yard right now are the Hostas. They are so big and lush this year!

 On my to do list is cleaning up the gazebo so we can sit out there.The bush in the back is taking over and needs to be trimmed.

 The left side yard I haven't done too much with it butts up against the neighbor's jungle which grows thru the fence. Need to clean and put more mulch down.

 The right side yard is the one we use the most. It's the closest to the pool. Trying to do a container garden over here.

 I've got tomatoes, peppers and several herbs. They seemed to have survived the massive back to back to back thunderstorms we've been having. 

I'm making a big push to get all this cleaned up so I'll share photos when I do so I'm held accountable and really do it.

Here's the treasury I found myself in this morning. So bright and colorful!


MAB Jewelry said...

Your yard is as bright and cheery as the treasury you're in!

oldblackcatboo said...

Oh! I love that Treasury! So colorful! Your seahorses are perfect for the Tropical Reef theme!
Pool? Did I hear pool?!
It hit 90 degrees today, I'm grabbing my flip flops, beach towel and my blowup raft and I'll be right over! LOL!
(Seriously I have been thinking of getting an above ground one, I've been told they are a big hassle to upkeep but it really sounds GOOD right now!)

Erica Lea said...

Love your hostas - beautiful! You brought back memories:-) Miss having them, but it's too hot here. I always thought it would be cool to collect them - there are so many different varieties. And, nice Treasury, too!


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