Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's been a difficult few weeks.

I'm having some health problems beyond the chronic illness I already suffer from so it's not been much fun being me lately. I've been under major amounts of stress and finding it super hard to get things done, like blogging on a consistent basis, working on my website and getting my ebay store back up and running.

I'd very much like to thank all my lovely supportive Twitter friends who have been concerned about me. They've made a difficult time easier knowing they are there for me.

Something that did make me smile recently is the arrival of my Blythe Clone doll. I cannot afford a "real" Blythe so was pleased I could get the clone. She makes a happy friend to my Pullip doll. I'm kind of a doll freak in case you didn't know.

She's wearing the Easter Bunny Peep outfit I made for my Pullip. Looks better on this doll. Yes I do play with dolls!


Kaerie Faerie said...

I hope you feel better soon, my faeries are out in the yard blowing fairy dust in your direction, and be happy always play with dolls
your fairy friend

Pandora's Locker Kitschy Themed Jewelry and Charms said...

I can't afford Blythe dolls either, but I didn't realize there was a clone doll! I will have to look into that. One day when I'm rich, I will buy a real one with fabulous accessories and outfits. :)

oldblackcatboo said...

Oh! I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad!!!
I am thinking good positive thoughts and sending them your way!
Maybe I need to figure out the Twitter thing so that I can tweet(?) you!
I'm going to look it up or ask my nieces how to do it! LOL!
Feel Better my friend! _ Cindi

Erica Lea said...

Very cute doll, and sending more well wishes your way:-)

karen★ said...

You do blog! Well, I've found you so I can tell you here that I hope you feel better (or as better as you can) soon.
I am addicted to owls too. That is the perfect collection!


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