Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Herd of Seahorses

Finally got a sunny enough day to snap some photos of the seahorses. If you remember I originally did them in baby pink and baby blue colors. Decided to take it up a notch with some fun jewel tone colors and love them!

Some interesting seahorse facts:
 Did you know that seahorses are fish? They are. Also in ancient times they were considered to be mythological creatures, like mermaids. Seahorses mate for life and male seahorses are the only creatures on this planet that birth their young. There are 35 different species of seahorses and some are on the verge of extinction.

Make sure you drop in tomorrow. I'll be starting a giveaway. Something fun and one of a kind!


Soph said...

Aww these are so sweet! Love the colours, so cute!

Cass said...

Super cute! :)

oldblackcatboo said...

Hmmm... Apparently I should have been a seahorse! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Once again, you have outdone yourself. These look great!

Jingle said...

These are so cute and beautifully designed and made! I love the colors!


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