Sunday, June 27, 2010

Goodbye and A Treasury

Sunny The Sunflower Owl is on her way to a new home. I'm so happy that someone liked her enough to purchase her but I'm a bit sad to see her's like a part of me has left.

But I now have high hopes that the other Garden Owls will find new homes too.

In other related  news my Tulip Owl is in a Etsy Bacon Team Treasury.


Rosa-kreattiva said...

e' vero ci si affeziona alle cose che si realizzano... ma sono sicura che mister gufo ha trovato una casa piena d'amore kiss dall'italia

oldblackcatboo said...

ooooh boy! and Tulip was one of my very favs! I'm betting that she'll have a new home very soon!

Wendy Wright said...

All your owls are so beautiful and I am sure they will find a home soon! Keep making new ones cause they are awesome! My fave pieces of your work. :)


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