Monday, June 28, 2010

Working On A Custom Tardis

A fellow etsy seller saw the previous Tardis I did for a swap in my new blog banner and asked for me to make on for him. I only do these little plush as custom jobs because of the time and tiny stitches required to make them. So if you want one just let me know!

 Door panels and sides are done. Need to add the special details then the top light and stuff it firmly. I'm 3/4 of the way done. I still haven't made one just for me yet.

I'm going back and forth from this project to my art doll which I can't show any peeks of. She's giving me a run for my money and there have been some hair pulling times but I think I finally have her under control now. I'm going a bit blind from all these tiny stitches and may need to pick up some magnifying glasses soon!


MAB Jewelry said...

So groovy! You make the coolest, happiest stuff. And congrats on your little bright owl getting a happy new home.

Wendy Wright said...

Congrats on the Tardis commission! Looking great so far! Also glad your owl Sunny is off to a new home! :)

yoborobo said...

I love your Tardis! :) What a lot of work, though! Yikes! And I cannot wait to see your new doll. :) xox! Pam

Beth said...

I'm a little bit in love right now, just so ya know :D

Jingle said...

Oh, I just LOVE this! It's neat to see it in progress!

Raggy Rat said...

another one, awesome, my favourite of your pieces in that tardis !
awesome !
cat xxxxx


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