Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kudos to Kudos Kookies!

I was looking for a special and fun personalized item for my daughter's graduation and saw that my twitter friend Renee was offering "Cookie Cards", greetings on cookies for all occasions. Since I'm in the personalized business myself I was very attracted to the idea of this. Renee has some great photos of her custom cookies on her website so it's easy to see the quality and uniqueness of her work.

Kudos Kookies are all hand painted individually. (little works of art). She bakes the cookies herself in her commercial kitchen space. She does not use projectors so each one is slightly different and wonderfully special. Her attention to detail is amazing as is her customer service.

I contacted Renee and we emailed back and forth my ideas for the cookie and I decided to get another one in the same style for my daughter's best friend. I took the chance of not seeing them ahead of time because I was confident in the quality of her work and I wanted to be surprised when the package came. I was so happily surprised at how she was able to take all my scattered thoughts and pull together a lovely design. (was interesting being on the client side for once and I resolve to have even greater patience with my own clients in the future!)
 For my daughter's best friend.

For my daughter.

Daughter holding cookie card.

Close up of cookie card.

My daughter and her friend and her friend's mom and I all just loved these! Unique and tasty! I can attest to the fact that the cookie not only looked good best tasted wonderful too! I was so pleased that I'm ordering again for my daughter's upcoming 18th birthday.
Kudos Kookies also does corporate logos on cookies, baby shower favor cookies, wedding favor cookies, you name it she can do it. Please go to her Website or Facebook and see all the wonderful ideas she has and think about what special occasion you need cookies for.

I purchased these cookies and am blogging about them because I liked them and the company that made them. I've received no compensation for my positive comments about Kudos Kookies.


MAB Jewelry said...

Oh, wow, your daughter is lovely, and what a great story about good customer service and good yummies!

ArtTales said...

Those look great! Fantastic idea :))

oldblackcatboo said...

Ah Yummy! Are they SUGAR cookies?


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