Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worktable Wednesday

It's been a frustrating few days. I've been working on one of the female rabbits and it took forever to get her clothes the way I wanted. She also turned out to be quite a bit taller than the male rabbit and I don't know why, same pattern, hmmmm. 
 She also has a wonky leg but she stands just fine. That is until I put her skirt on, then she just fell over.....perhaps in relief to not be half naked anymore?.....annoying me terribly.
Now a little surgery is in order because a lady cannot just go ass over teakettle in public! Wish me luck!


Jingle said...

LOL! Sounds like someone is not cooperating. Looking cute, though!

Kaerie Faerie said...

they look like Jack Rabbits LOL
love the corset too funny
I think they are great, I don't know how you can work on them, I would be laughing so hard, they are a cartoon dream my friend

Erica Lea said...

They're so cool! She's just telling you she really wants her arms, lol! He's kind of got an Elvis vibe:-) They really look like quite a project - can't wait to see them finished!

Finding Charm said...

I like the corset. Hard work paid off.

Wendy Wright said...

Awesome! Love the corset. :)


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