Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cucurbita The Pumpkin Spirit

In the crisp fall evening under a full and waxy moon, movement is seen in the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin spirit Cucurbita rises from her bed of earth to tend the pumpkins infusing them with magic. They will become the most special of Jack-o-lanterns, lit to scare away the evil spirits and keep the townspeople safe.

She was originally going to be a witch but she had other ideas and I'm glad I listened because she was correct. She could be nothing other than what she is. Whew, her head was so challenging but I really like how it came out! 

Cucurbita is a OOAK soft sculpture doll made from my own pattern. It's doubtful she'll be re-created unless it's just for me. I hope you enjoy seeing her.


Jingle said...

She is wonderful!!!

oldblackcatboo said...

I love how she "forced" you to create HER rather than the Witch!
How cool.
Sounds like you are wistfully thinking of Fall too!
:) - Cindi

Gay Denesse said...

She looks great! The head did come out good. I bet the pattern could double as an alien head.

sue niven said...

I agree, Your creations always tell you what they want to be! Well done, she is lovely.


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