Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zach in Sassyland.

This is my almost 3 year old nephew Zachary who runs rampant around my house on the weekends. He's so adorable. He always yells "Auntie where are you!" "What ya doing?" "Making dollies?" I just love him so much!
Here's the free falling doll from my other post with limbs attached. Zach says she needs clothes and I agree. So once I can make a decision she'll be dressed and get hair.
I finished my last custom Tardis order for a while.I plan to have in stock ones for the holidays instead of made to order. This one now resides in Singapore of all places.
My paper clay order has arrived and super fast. I'm itching to finish the little dolls I started so long ago it seems now. I have 4 felt dolls to finish first then it's a messy clay free for all! Whoo Hoo!
Oh and I might be making a felt Yeti for a friend of my son's. So it's busy, busy, busy here in Sassyland!


Carissa said...

OMG, your nephew is so cute!!!!
I love your plush dolls!!!! They're so cute!!!! What is the cheapest doll at your store? I don't have a ton of money to spend, so I want to get a cute plush that's preferably ten bucks or less. You can contact me at Thanks for posting pictures of your awesome dolls!!!!

Carissa said...

Quick question-do you know when your next give away is? I could buy millions of your dolls, but I certainly don't have that kind of money! :)

yoborobo said...

Your little nephew is adorable!! It's good to be busy, I think - :) I'm trying to get my head wrapped around making Halloween ornies. It's that time of year, again! xox Pam


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