Saturday, July 23, 2011


This is me falling through time and space, a rabbit hole or being sucked into the black hole of my studio! Oh nooooo! Too much going on right now!

I'm a bit overwhelmed by all my projects and life stuff. Change is very difficult for me. My brother has moved in. He's going thru a divorce and a foreclosure. We haven't lived together since I was 21 and he was 12 so it's different to say the least. He has his boys every other weekend (although it's been every weekend so far) so the house is filled with noise and boys. I love my nephews and enjoy seeing them but it is putting a little crimp in my productivity. Just something I'm going to have to work around I guess. The best news is that my brother is an amazing cook. He'll come home after a full work day and whip up a fantastic meal! It's so nice not to have to worry about that!

I've ordered paper clay online cause hiking out to the Hobby Lobby in this 100 degree heat just wasn't an option. So hopefully I'll finally finish the paper clay dolls that are hanging around. Still working on witches but not happy with their clothes, of course! I should have something finished by next week.


Mary Ann said...

It amazes me what you can do with felt and sew it by hand too:) My sympathies with the brother situation. I lived with my brother for a short time when we were both single. I know I could never ever live with him now.

Moriah Betterly said...

Boy do I sympathize with you on the distractions! I can't seem to finish a thought around here during the summer. Hang in there. How nice to have dinner cooked for you! That must be a real treat.

Peach Nia said...

wow, looking great!

Michelle said...

Okay, first, that photo is amazing great job!

WOW! You are AWESOME to help your brother out in that way. It says so much about you. What a great person you are and YUM for the bonus cook in the house now! haha! I'm jealous :)

oldblackcatboo said...

It would be hard to have someone living with me after being by myself for so long. But WOW! I'd love to have someone cook for me!
:) - Cindi

yoborobo said...

I don't get as much done in the summer as I think I am going to. :) Having a brother move in, there's a mixed blessing! ;)) Thank goodness he cooks, and I'm sure all the kids are having a blast. Hang on to your sanity! lol! xox Pam


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