Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Worktable Peek

I was stressing the other day about clothes for my dolls. I always stress about this. I do not find making clothes easy or fun so I tend to go very simple and yet still stress. But for these new dolls I wanted real clothes and of course I was stressing and yelling and flinging fabric about. My daughter walks in and says" Geesh mom don't be so hard on yourself. You always make things harder than they have to be!" (so true) So I dove in with both both hands and made a real dress with lining and everything! To real sewers this is no big deal but to me it was huge! I thank my great friend Jorge from The Hive. He sent me a great doll pattern book. Although I didn't use the actual patterns the illustrations on the clothes construction was amazing helpful! Gracias Jorge!
This pic reminded me a bit like the witch Dorthy's house fell on. LOL!


oldblackcatboo said...

I think that both you and I tend to stress ourselves over things we shouldn't.
I must say that your creations always turn out FAB!
XOXO - Cindi

Mary Ann said...

I love the feet...LOL The dress looks great. You are very talented so I don't know why you get yourself into such a tizzy...:)

Sarah said...

Wow girl...that is amazing!! Ya know I am right there with you. I love creating with cloth...dolls and little quilts..bags..ya know. But clothing has always been more of a chore than a joy.
So...I went this summer..during a pattern sale..$1.99 each..and bought ten. Things I wanted to make for me..long bloomers LOL and things for the kids..easy simple patterns. I am going to try and make this fun...and I learn to sew clothing. About time 50? Hang in there hon..and I love what you create..liner or not!! You rock!!!!
Hugs, Sarah

BTW...I was kinda shocked at the price of patterns...some wer $20.00...yikes!!!

Jingle said...

That is looking mighty cute!


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