Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only A Little Going On In The Studio Right Now.

Not much is happening in the studio lately. It's been a rough couple of weeks. I did cut out a new design that I'm not entirely sure will work yet and also cut out more elves or fairies. I just haven't been inspired much to work on them.
I did finally add a torso to the paper clay doll head I previously made. Fairly happy with how it turned out. Then I did the arms and legs which I think are a disaster but at this point I just want to finish the darn thing! She was supposed to have super long legs that have a knee joint but this morning I realized I forgot to put holes in the knees before they dried so I had to scrap that idea.
 My perfectionism went wacko overtime on this silly thing and I just hated her! It took me a while to calm down and realize that it's o.k. that she's not perfect and what I imagined she'd be. I think once she's painted and dressed I'll be o.k. with her. I haven't sculpted since high school and I wasn't great then so it's o.k. that I'm not great now. I'm always way too hard on myself! I admire greatly the pretty clay doll makers but perhaps that's just not what I was meant to be. I know this is my first try but pretty doesn't feel right. Maybe in clay I can be an odd or weird doll maker. That title certainly feels much more comfortable to me, so I plan to explore that side and see what happens. My secret side enjoys with great abandon zombies, creepy & crawlies and crazy freaks. I also admire certain odd doll makers too.
So along those lines I've started a new head that I like very much and am excited to see where it goes. Oh and I plan to have lots to add to my etsy shop by the end of the month. "Plan" being the operative word here. ;0)


Jingle said...

You are a natural sculptor! She looks GREAT so far! You should see what MY dolls look like before paint! YIKES!!!! It's a bit frightening. LOL!

Peach Nia said...

Looks amazing so far!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Just keep sculpting, everything you said sounds like me, what are we twins LOL
I hated all my faces at first, they all looked liked alien creatures, not sweet and pretty like a love, but it takes some time to get use to working with the clay, and I'm much happier now with my work, it makes me smile and laugh, and I want to keep them all. Still struggling with joints, it is much harder than fabric, but so much easier on the hands
Big smiles

yoborobo said...

Okay, I am weird, but I like dolls that aren't so perfect, that have a little bump or two, or some strangeness to them. :)) So you are right up my alley! And you should SEE the disasters I have made, waiting for me to finish them. Once they are painted and I add all sort of insanity to them, I'm sure I will love my ugly ducklings. Maybe - hahaha! And I have forgotten on the knee thing myself - isn't it frustrating? LOL!! I hope the week gets better! xox Pam

oldblackcatboo said...

I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough patch :(
I hope that things will turn around for you soon and just be happy shiny days for you!
I agree with Pam, I don't really like "perfect" as much as I do something "unique"...
I think that both you and I are our own worst critics and sometimes that really stalls us.
I say, just go crazy and see what happens!
:) - Cindi
(I have you in my thoughts and prayers!)

Nor Haniza (Niza Taj) said...

Nice .. :)
Love your site very much !!!


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