Friday, May 27, 2011

Vintage 4th of July Swap WIP.

I'm taking part in a creative swap in The Hive a great creative site I belong to. We had to pick a vintage image in the 4th of July theme and recreate it in whatever medium we use. Showing WIPs always helps keep me committed and some other folks are showing theirs too, so here I go.
O.k. this is the image I choose. She's a Victorian Lady Liberty. I make soft sculpture dolls so I'm making her into a doll. Should be interesting right?
I'm starting with my standard body and trying something new with a 3D sculptured face instead of my usual flat face. It's a bit terrifying really but I'm charging through! The pins show facial feature placement.
The drawing shows large low set bosoms so that's what I'm doing here.
She also has a bit of junk in her trunk (probably a bustle of some kind) so I added that too. This might be a little too big but until I do her dress I won't really know for sure.
So here is the face that I lightly needle sculpted around the nose (a huge first for me!). I haven't sewn her eyes on yet so she's pretty scary looking but I hope she'll pretty up as I go along. Well here's where I am so far. She'll come together very quickly so I know I'll make the deadline. Hope you enjoyed seeing my progress.

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