Saturday, January 16, 2010

Completely Moving The Studio Around - Before Pictures

O.k. let me say to any of my clients who are reading this, that I do work in a clean studio but when I have a lot of orders things can get quite crazy! Perhaps controlled clutter is a good phase?

Anyhow, I've finally come to the conclusion that how my studio is currently set up is so not working for me. When I first moved into this room last summer I didn't really plan everything out well. I was just so happy to finally have a room all to myself for my studio, that I didn't give things serious thought. Which is probably why I never posted photos before (I wasn't happy with things). Good work flow is very important to me so I'm taking time (time I don't really have, really who does?) to completely reorganize everything before I go bonkers!
I'm started to get a little scared at how much there is to do. I'm doing it by myself since my Son is still down with the flu and the Girl is out of town for the weekend. Wish me luck! ;0)

When you first come in the room on the left. These shelves are supposed to hold sticker paper and shipping supplies. On top are some special dolls and plush.

Next to that is my computer desk. It's made from a door we took down in the mudroom when we added the 4 season room addition. It's such a great wide desk, but it gets cluttered easily, as you can see.

These shelves over my desk hold many different things. They were originally for my vintage 70's toy collection but I'm missing a shelf and well crap happens, ya know? You can see some of my collection on the top shelf. I'm an old school Fisher Price & Playskool nut! Tons more are packed away. I hope to get some more displayed soon.

Moving on, this is my printer area, some file storage and the bin and boxes I keep all my felt in etc.
This area is going to be completely redone. It makes me crazy just looking at this picture!

This is the 2nd chair I have in here. It's mostly for the Girl when she comes in to tell me some long teenage drama that has occurred & sometimes she just like to hang out in here with me. So I'll probably keep the chair. Behind that is a bookcase, trust me it's there, full of my design and computer books. Extra supplies and craft supplies are piled on top.

I don't even know what to say about this, so let's just move on shall we?

This is currently my cutting table and shipping station. It's way to small and I'm taking my life in my hands trying to get to it right now. You can see the giant 22" old school monitor that still works but weighs about 100 lbs that I just don't know what to do with. I'm looking for an electronics recycling place because I WILL NOT throw it into a landfill. I can't get anyone to take it since it's a beast so for right now it sits here. The inkjet I'm saving for my daughter. She's getting a laptop for graduation and will need a printer. Oh and please don't ask why I have a Barbie Fairy Playset on the table! Anyone what it? I have the big and little dolls for it too.

Now we are finally at the end! I took the doors off this closet and put a large shelving unit and an awesome large file cabinet I scored at the church rummage sale (my mom bought it for me). Looking at it now I wish I had painted the inside of the closet the same yellow as the walls, maybe in the Spring. This shelving unit holds left over stuff I need to sell on ebay. I drool when I think about all the storage I'll have once that stuff is gone!

Well thanks for sticking with me for this super long post. I realize now I should have done a video but have no idea who had the camera last or where it is. Stay tuned for the clean and organized reveal!


oldblackcatboo said...

Now I don't feel so bad about my "art" room! it looks scarily familiar! I too am planning on reorganized my work space. It's a good time of year to do that kind of thing! Wish me luck that I don't get "buried" in mine and Good Luck to you! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie - I don't feel so bad now! Though I do have an advantage - since I don't have to use my computer and printer for orders - those are in my office (another disorganized mess).
I like the idea of taking off the closet doors - but I have stuff hanging from the doors and nowhere else to put it. so alas, that's not an option.Oh well - I'll watch to see what your plan is :D
Sandi from Handmade By Sandi

MAB Jewelry said...

Hey, I make, photograph and post everything from my living room floor! I was born to organize. Do you want me to come over?

ittybittyandpretty said...

nice to see some realistic work spaces..., mine is in great need of organising too but time seems to escape me or other more interesting things get in the way. nice to see little babushka girl is in good company %*_*%
have a great week.

Sunny Tuesday said...

Haha! This looks a lot like the shape my craft room is in! :) Hopefully I'll be making an Ikea trip this spring and rearranging to make it all more workable.


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