Friday, January 29, 2010

A Sweet Note Found On A Chilly Morning.

Found this little note written on a scrap piece of paper on my desk when I came in to start up my computer this morning. It's from my 17 year old daughter. She and I have had a rough few years as she has exerted her Independence and turned into a snark monster. The drama, the yelling, the grounding, more yelling, etc. She's started to calm down a bit lately and it was such a joy to find this sweet little note from her.....see she even calls me mommy!

The Queen of Snarkdom herself and the Diva of the house Lita. And yes these 2 fight for my attention and the rule of the house! LOL!

Random photo of Lita laying in my picture taking area in the sun.


oldblackcatboo said...

That note is So Sweet! Moments like that make the rest worthwhile.
Your daughter is so beautiful! I bet you worry about her all the time. Someday when she's older, she'll understand why you two have your battles (for her own good! LOL!) Take care MOM!
and of course Lita is GORGEOUS!

Moriah said...

How sweet is that? Good grief teenagers give ya a run for your money! I swear all parents should be given a reward for not packing a suitcase and leaving.... for good.... during the teen years! My son gave me a hard time for about a year. We fought constantly but now he's mellowed out or given up, I'm not sure which but I'm thankful either way! Now I have 2 girls heading that direction.....HELP!!!

Saskia said...

Enjoy the weekend with your family! Sweet note from your daughter... :)

Saskia :)

MAB Jewelry said...

My mama and I were the same way during those years, and now I realize that she's the best role model I could ever have and my best friend. Your lovely daughter is well on her way to figuring out the same thing. She's beautiful, just like her mama.
As for the pup. . . she'll probably always be a diva.


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