Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Very Busy Lately

Worked on a new plush for the etsy shop last night. Need to go back and re-work a few things before it's ready but over all I'm pretty happy with it. Any of you who have seen my etsy shop will recognize her from my Penguins in Love art. This is Gwen the penguin. She does stand alone but I'm thinking of adding rice or something to the base for more stability. I usually like to do plush much smaller than this but wanted to give this size a go.

I've been super busy with the kids falling ill with the flu one after the other, lots of ebay orders, a lovely large website order and sketching the hundreds of ideas that are exploding out of my head.

This is Binks. He doesn't usually get pictures taken since he mostly looks like a big dark blob when I try, but he was very cooperative this morning. I guess he feels bad that Lita gets all the photo attention so I promised him he would be the furry star of today's blog post. He'll be 12 this March. I rescued him from a pet store as a bitty little fluffball. As an all black cat he was in danger of being sold to the "wrong people" so I snatched him up and he and I have been very happy together.

On further news, the studio re-do is just about complete. I have a few things that I need help moving out and some shelves to put up then I can take pictures for the after. I'm am so loving my new cutting table/shipping center! I've used it and it's lovely!

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Moriah said...

The plush is ADORABLE! So is the kitty! I can't wait to see the after pics of your studio. No pressure... lol.


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