Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Items Up In Etsy Shop and WIP

Penguins In Love A2 Note Card Set.

Cupcake Love 5 x 7 Print.

Do ya get the whole love theme yet? LOL!


Possible Panda Plush with Embroidered Heart
It's all hand sewn so I'm not really sure I have time for this but I did
make a prototype which led to another idea.

I printed some ideas onto fabric for soft plush dolls. Still working
out the kinks.
These could show up in my etsy shop soon.

Quick peek at my Rose Tyler Dr. Who doll. I'm still not happy with her face. This is her second head and 3rd face and I'm not happy yet but I don't have time to keep messing with her so I'm o.k. with her. I love how her hair and Union Jack t-shirt turned out though. Once she gets her legs and eyebrows I'll take better pics. A Captain Jack Harkness doll is in the works too.

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4smartmonkeys said...

I think the little panda is adorable!!!


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